Cast  & Crew

The making of this film couldn't have been possible without the support of the cast & crew to make a film that brings to life a topic and setting that's not regularly showcased in Australia film.


Drmsby Middleton
Dorris Mary
Cathryn McGrigor



From start to finish, his determination to achieve his creative vision is past the normal expectation. With a genuine character, a willingness to always improve, and an attitude that will not only make him climb further into the creative industry, but also one that inspires others, he truly hopes to shine light on a subject close to heart and that hits home base.

Her particular eye to detail has proved to show that she goes beyond her role of the Producer. No matter the circumstance, she goes out of her way to bring the vision into practice and her honesty and sincerity is what has uplifted the film to how far it has come.
Associate Producer

Having a passion for producing,
she has executed multiple projects as a film producer, including
short films, commercials, and documentaries. She genuinely finds joy when it comes to networking, communication, budgeting and problem-solving, and hopes to bring Desiccation further to its goal.

With a professional background in cinematography for the past two years in Brisbane, she found filming in the outback challenging but through her interest of indie aesthetics and willingness to try new things, this has now opened her eyes to the endless choices of shots, angles, lenses, and camera movement.
Camera Operator

Ben’s instinctive abilities to capture any surrounding that comes his way has brought heightened value to the quality of the film. The precision and intriguing decisions he applies through camera techniques is something to learn from and save in the memory bank.
Production Design

Born with a heart of Gold, her determination to achieve the aesthetics and look of a scene
is highly evident throughout the filmmaking process. Even getting down and dirty, with animal handling and retrieving the most rustic of props, her abilities will never go unnoticed.
Assistant Director

Efficient and strict to the clock, his management for time has deemed valuable with keeping set in order and on check. Even with the pressure of shooting all scenes within a
span of five days in the boiling heat and freezing nights, this proves his capabilities of leadership in the toughest situations.
Editor/Associate Director

With an editor’s brain and over several years of experience in advanced software (well known
for creating motion graphics), this journey he has taken to edit a film surrounding mental health, specifically in rural Australia, is one to applaud. He also was a massive help for the director as he majorly assisted with the execution of the more technical operations, especially during post-production. He found this project to be one to further his knowledge and skills in not
Location Sound

Recording in one of the most
difficult locations, the outback, she has proven her abilities as a strong- willed audio practitioner doing her absolute greatest to push past the heavy winds and flying grains of sand. When faced with various technical and environmental issues that affect audio, she does not give up easily.

Ricardo has extensive experience in sound design and composition having had a passion in the area from a very young age. His work is of a high calibre and has been sort after to complete work for companies such as Porsche, Coca-Cola, Nissan, Oreo and Colgate, just to name a few. His persistence and commitment to Desiccation allowed the project to be elevated. This can been seen in his powerful composition and his attention to detail in key moments throughout the film.
Sound Supervisor/ARD Recordist/Foley Artist

Busting her hump to achieve
the best surround sound, her open-mindedness and positivity throughout the post-production process deserves much recognition. Not only does the time she applies into recording sounds, make her a valuable asset to the crew, she has also overcome multiple technical software issues, with the film having over 60% required Foley.
ADR Recordist/Foley Artist/Sound Design

Alex has studied a Bachelor of Audio, majoring in Post Production and has achieved a highly regarded reputation for herself. With some of her work being professionally published with Avid Blogs and working on live sound productions with artists such as Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry all at 19 years of age, she is a credit to herself and has earnt a title as a hard worker. She has utilized her skills to help provide a finesse to the Des

Millie is an experienced editor who studied post production during her time completing her Bachelor of Film. She has taken interest in colour theory and has used her knowledge to provide a grade that amplifies the harsh conditions of the film. She works hard and to a timely manor which has proved to be a massive asset to the post production stages of Desiccation.

Simon has been a chopper pilot for the past 13 years, flying a Robinson R66 chopper. Although he’s helped on previous productions such as Landline (ABC) and articles for Woman’s Weekly, this is the first time he’s worked on a fictional project. He thoroughly enjoyed having to operate the chopper to help make sure we were able to acquire the shot we need.

Barb has been a camp cook on many stations over the years and knows how to fill the stomachs of the crews she’s looking after. Her warm hospitality and delicious caramel slices meant that the Desiccation crew and cast were always fed properly and welcomed into her kitchen, throughout the filming process. Her level of hospitality and the quality of her catering was unlike many filmsets, which was greatly appreciated by the crew.
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Dave - Drmsby Middleton
Julie - Cathryn McGrigor
Julie's Dog - Dorris Mary (Dorrie)

Written & Directed By:
Jed Vinson

Produced By:
Christine Nguyen

Director of Photography:
Taylor Pettigrew

Editor/Associate Director:

Declan Kindness

Production Designer:
Paw Nay Blu Aung

Music Composer:
Ricardo Pujol

Associate Producer - Alyse Burns

Assistant Director - Cameron Millar-Turner
Camera Operator/ Grip - Ben Lister
Location Sound Recordist - Kiara Martinovic-Kellerman

Helicopter Pilot - Simon Peele

Colourist - Millie Flecther

Sound Supervisor - Claudia Walton

ADR Recordist - Alex Reaper

                          - Claudia Walton

Foley Artists - Alex Reaper

                       - Claudia Walton

Sound Design - Riley Guerin

                      - Ricardo Pujol

                     - Alex Reaper

Mix - Ricardo Pujol

Cellist - Bedaitza Gutierrez

Violinist - Ambar Rico
Gaffer - Declan Kindness
Continuity Supervisor/ Costume - Paw Nay Blu Aung
BTS Videographer/ Make-up - Christine Nguyen

Catering - Barb Strickland

BTS Photos - Paw Nay Blu Aung

             - Declan Kindness

   - Ben Lister

                          - Kiara Martinovic-Kellerman

                    - Cameron Millar-Turner

              - Christine Nguyen

           - Taylor Pettigrew
Pub Facilitator - Pamela Forster


Special thanks to those who contributed their time, assistance and resources:

Alex Adams

Mike Bailey

Jerusha Bishop
Andrea Burns
Mark Burns

Ryan Cook
Steve Cooper
Cookie from Dangie
David Kellerman
Stephen Lance
Zorica Martinovic
Brad Murphy

Brittany Moore

Andy Nguyen
Jenny Nguyen
Richie Rice
Carter Pierce

Bronti Vinson
Greg Vinson
Jordy Vinson
MaryAllana Vinson


Special thanks to those that supported and helped fund this film:

Ngan Dang
Mohammad Milhem
Allan Paine
John Paine
Katrina Paine
Mary Paine
Paula Pettigrew

June Roots

Supported by

SAE Qantm Creative Media Institute

Sand Paper Productions

Symctum Creative

PA Designs

Daintree Livestock

D.W.K Painting Service

Urandangie Pub

U-Haul Australia

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